Leanne, Ph.D. is a professor in the Department of Special Education and Education Leadership at Western Washington University.  With decades of classroom experience and advocacy work for students with disabilities, she brings practical experience and expertise As a professor she teaches a wide variety of literacy methods courses, instructional pedagogical courses and spends time in the schools with pre-service teachers. She has served as a program evaluator for a wide variety of school districts and projects.






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Erum has been in the education field for over a decade, beginning as a teacher and quickly moving into leadership. She was the Principal of Genesee Academy in Flint, MI for four years then moved to be the Principal of Huda School in Franklin, Mi for three years. She was successful in leading both schools in academic and school culture improvements focusing on reading and writing and implementing strong literacy programs

Tracey, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Secondary Education at Western Washington University. Her research includes understanding the social and cultural experiences of children and youth with experiences of domestic violence and their navigation of public school. She is published in several books and articles. Tracey was a high school teacher for 17 years, a district literacy leader and has led hundreds of educators in professional development related to trauma-informed practices, social justice design, and literacy practices

Kira is a licensed psychologist in Bellingham, who works with children, adolescents and adults.  She is passionate about creating safe spaces for growth, healing and transformation. 

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Michael is the pastor of The Vine Worship Center in Ferndale Washington. He has a deep compassion for serving others and he is deeply committed to ensuring Latinx communities have the necessary resources to access to quality education and health. He is a life coach and counselor and brings a wealth of expertise and connections in community work to WIHS

Rose works for the Northwest Educational Service District (NWESD) and is responsible for over $6.5M in budgets, contracts and the daily administration of four Special Education Cooperative programs which serve 35 school districts within the NWESD region. In addition to daily budget management, she analyzes the programmatic needs, staffing costs and facility expenses to determine the annual costs associated with sending students to these highly specialized programs. Rose serves as a liaison between the 70+ Cooperative Program staff and the NWESD to assure that operations are running efficiently and efficiently.

Braythen is a current student in the Bachelor's of Music Education program at Western Washington University, studying and aspiring to be a music teacher. Braythen was an underserved student in the Whatcom school districts and uses his insights and understanding of marginalized communities to further education opportunities for all students. As a disadvantaged Latino student, he is passionate to give back in service to the community.