Co Founders

Weaving communities together
through learning.


Chief Executive Officer / Co-Founder

Cindy is passionate about creating learning opportunities that engage students in their own learning as they discover their passions and share their unique gifts.  Cindy was founder and Executive Director of Laura Jeffrey Academy (LJA) for eight years, the first and only 5th–8th grade girl-focused STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) public charter school in St. Paul, MN. She is thrilled to work with the Whatcom community to launch WIHS.

Kusemaat, Shirley Williams

Co Founder

Kusemaat became a licensed nurse in 2002.  Twelve years were spent working within the scope of a western licensure.  Now, like a salmon swimming upstream, she is focused on Indigenous Public Health.  Her passion for holistic healthcare of ancient time began when she started to work for her own community, which is the federally recognized tribe of Lummi Nation, located in the upper most corner of the Pacific Northwest.  

Today, because of Seli7 etse Sxwo’le – Spirit of the Sxwo’le (reef-net), Kusemaat addresses root cause of trauma for Indigenous Peoples and Nature. She is bound to protecting the sovereignty of the Salish Sea for 7th generation sustainability.  She envisions these ancestral homelands as a medical office based in nature, for without mother earth, we do not have our health.