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Special Programs

Hightly Capable

Whatcom Intergenerational High School will begin offering a Highly Capable program for students who qualify in 9th-11th grade during the 2022-2023 school year and beyond. The Highly Capable program is designed to meet the needs of students with exceptionally high ability. The program model for Highly Capable services varies by grade. 

Identified students will receive Highly Capable services through differentiated literacy and math experiences in their classroom and through their Phenomenon-based learning. This includes: grouping with students of like exceptional ability, more challenging classwork, opportunities for acceleration of content, and opportunities for increased inquiry during other content provided during class.

Identified students will receive opportunities for differentiated classwork throughout their schedule, but primarily in their English and math courses. Students will have the opportunity to take math courses typically designed for older students for high school credit, read higher level texts in their English class, and be challenged with more open-ended inquiry opportunities in the other courses for which they are enrolled.

Students may be referred for possible screening and/or placement in the Highly Capable program by a parent, teacher, peer, community member, or themselves. Individuals referring a child for possible identification for these programs need to fill out the referral form. Characteristics of Highly Capable students are listed on the referral page to assist in your decision.

In order to get a strong baseline understanding of the cognitive profiles of our students, and to ensure all students have an equal opportunity to qualify for the program, it is our desire that all students in 9th – 10th grade participate in screening activities. Should you rather not have your child participate, you just simply need to not return the referral form. We are only allowed to screen students who return a form. Those whose scores place them in the top percentiles will proceed with further testing for consideration of identification for the Highly Capable program.

Parents/guardians who would like to have their child screened for possible testing for the Highly Capable program need to complete the  referral and permission to test form. Identified students will begin receiving services in September 2022. Although there are many people who can refer a student for consideration, only parents/guardians can give permission to screen/test by completing the form.

Please review the following related activities and timelines:

  • Screening and nomination review will take place in June 2022.
  • Final placement decisions will be made in June 2022 for the 2022-23 school year. Placement decisions are based on a review of the SBAC data, student work sample from classroom assignments and phenomenon-based projects, and teacher recommendation.
  • Parents will receive letters in the end of June 2022 indicating whether or not the child has been identified to receive services in the Highly Capable program for the 2022-23 school year.
  • Parents will be given an opportunity to appeal placement decisions. Appeals forms will be available upon request.
  • Once a child begins receiving Highly Capable services, a parent or the school may exit the student if it is decided that the child no longer needs/or wishes to receive services.
  • If you have questions you may also contact WIHS’ Highly Capable program coordinator, Erum Mohiuddin, at erum.mohiuddin@intergenerational.school